caption: warehouse cleaning since 2001Mention the word warehouses and until recently, the image of a dingy, poorly lit cavernous space stocked floor to ceiling with the product comes to mind. Nowadays, the role warehouse facilities fulfill has become prioritized and their operations are the center of much more attention. Rather than just serving as temporary storage facilities, they are fully functioning service centers providing key logistics to a company’s internal processes and customers alike.

With this shift, we’ve seen the standards of warehouse conditions raised to new heights. Clean, well-lit and thoughtful design has become commonplace and the need for professional warehouse cleaning companies is on the rise. Since 2001, Ace of Spray has provided affordable commercial cleaning services that provide value towards the maintenance and upkeep of industrial properties. From pre-construction prep to recurring programs, one or more of the following services will benefit your company’s warehouse work environment.

  • Mobile Pressure Washing
  • Power Floor Sweeping
  • Power Floor Scrubbing
  • Directional Floor Markings (Epoxy, Tape, Chlorinated Rubber)
  • Overhead pipe cleaning

Implementing an effective commercial cleaning program will provide excellent benefits ranging from promoting safety to fostering employee productivity to eliminating more costly initiatives required to resolve deferred maintenance. If you are searching for a partner to address these projects and needs, the team at Ace of Spray is ready to discuss how we can work together.

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