caption: power washing. we're called professionals with good reason.Plenty has been written about the benefits of power washing your home and a lot of them lead you to believe that you can do it yourself both easily and cheaply. The big box retailers are lined up ready to rent or sell you a pressure washing machine almost everywhere today. For some, the decision is based on the satisfaction you get from watching a power washer do its thing and clean the surface areas of your home. At Ace of Spray, we definitely understand that all too well. However, others choose to treat it as a DIY project because it’s cheaper and portrayed as an easy weekend project. Those two reasons are questionable.

First on our minds is always safety. They are called power washing machines for good reason. At a minimum, they discharge with a considerable amount of pressure (yes, even smaller units at 1,200 psi) can be dangerous). If you, a loved one or pet come accidentally into contact with the stream from a pressure washing gun, it can easily cut your skin deeply and seriously. We put our technicians through considerable training before they are allowed to start performing services for our clients.

The other consideration regarding safety issues concerns the surface area that you’re actually cleaning. Improper use of a power washer can damage the exteriors of your home. It’s not always as simple as point and spray. Knowing how much pressure to apply is a very important skill to learn in order to clean in an effective manner.

Now let’s review the actual cost benefit. It’s not just a matter of buying a power washer and you’re all set. Yes, at times it can be that straightforward, but what about the upper areas of your home’s siding and deck areas? Are you lucky enough to have hose bibs conveniently located in all areas? If not, you’re going to need more hose and they aren’t giving those away by any means. Also, do you have the necessary ladders to reach the upper areas of your home (and if you do, are you confident in your ability to power wash while standing on one?)? What if the surface area your cleaning requires detergents and scrubbing? Do you have those products factored into your DIY budget? Then, of course, there is always the value of your time. It may be fun the first hour or two, but 4-6 hours later, you may start to realize it’s work. Hard work.

In the end, everyone at Ace of Spray: Professional Pressure Washing loves power washing as much as anybody. We understand the fun and satisfaction of it, so we’re not trying to discourage anyone from seeking the same enjoyment. We just want homeowners to know that it isn’t necessarily as easy or inexpensive as it’s portrayed. So if you’d rather have a dedicated and trained professional assist you, Ace of Spray has been the power washing company to call since 2001.