man power washing the exterior of a building As real estate development continues, the market becomes more competitive and there is an increasing need to ensure that your property has every advantage it can afford. While property owners/managers thoughtfully create maintenance plans to address their interior and lower pedestrian areas, external elements, which are often inaccessible, are generally neglected. Neglected and dirty facades represent an unattractive image and may unknowingly send the wrong message to potential tenants or buyers. Thereby lessening interest and/or impacting your pricing.

Deferring the cost of facade cleaning is not the answer.

Allowing the natural build-up of atmospheric pollutants, dirt, bird feces and other elements to remain on your building’s surface areas too long can make a once simple cleaning evolve into a more complicated project. At the very least, the sills, cornices and ledges of your building are natural areas for soils to collect and ultimately create streaking when mixed with rainfall (and create challenges with window washing). Proactive facade cleaning programs may help alleviate these issues with a simple, chemical-free, hot-water power washing. However, porous building materials may experience staining and find themselves subject to more expensive procedures involving restoration cleaners.

Help is just a phone call away.

If you have an exterior facade cleaning project or power washing that you are considering, the team at Ace of Spray is ready to assist you. Since 2001, we have worked with commercial and residential customers, large and small, to help clean and protect their properties. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and let us show you how good a pressure washing company can be.