Graffiti removal at Bank in Chicago, IL

Our crews removing graffiti from a bank wall in Chicago.

Graffiti is a constant problem everywhere these days. Everyone seems to think they’re either the next Banksy or gang-banger. Luckily, all you need to remove graffiti is a telephone. Ace of Spray has been un-tagging buildings, garages and even glass since 2001. Our experienced graffiti removal teams have spent 14 years refining our graffiti removal process and have what we believe is the best graffiti removal process in the country.

While not all graffiti can be completely removed, the sooner you attack the graffiti, the better your chances are of getting a result like the one you see below. Remember to call the police as soon as you see the tag, as well. Police departments often take pictures and keep records of tagging activity and you’ll have a better chance of recouping any losses if the tagger gets arrested.

power washing graffiti

Watch our professional equipment blast through graffiti

Ace of Spray now has full-time crews in Chicago, St. Louis and Milwaukee as well as mobile crews that work just about anywhere in the country. Call us at (847) 205-2401 for a free graffiti removal quote or contact your local Ace of Spray office today.

Power washing graffiti off of a bank in Chicago, IL

The sooner you attack the graffiti, the better the results.