Parking Lot Striping and Ace of Spray hatA lot of thought goes into the design and traffic flow of the parking areas associated with shopping malls, office buildings and other shared public parking garages/lots. Creating a sensible drive pattern from your property’s access curbing that leads your customers, tenants or guests in a safe path that’s well thought out is no mistake. However, letting the traffic markings that guide vehicles become faded and difficult to read is a mistake that doesn’t need to happen. Safe and affordable line striping services maintain the traffic flow and preserve the safety of your property’s vehicles and pedestrians alike.

Parking lot re-striping services simply brighten the existing parking stall lines, arrows, cross-hatching and other directional markings of your parking area. A professional parking lot striping company can perform these services during overnight/non-business hours with commercial airless sprayers and quick drying traffic marking paint, eliminating any downtime from this much-valued amenity to your property. In most cases, parking areas are available for use before we even leave the property.

Parking lot re-striping does not require seal coating to be effective. The useful life of an application will depend upon condition and age of the asphalt, exposure to the sun, the volume of vehicular traffic and other variables. We are finding that most proactive commercial property managers and owners are scheduling this to be an annual service.

If you are reviewing your parking lot maintenance program and are contemplating re-striping services at your property, the team at Ace of Spray would welcome the opportunity to review your budget and goals. Although based out of Chicago, our traffic marking crews travel throughout the country working with property management companies, retail and restaurant chains and many other multi-unit operators with diverse geographic portfolios. Our sales and operations teams are ready to provide detailed proposals, scheduling, oversight and communications to provide best in class striping solutions and service.