Parking lot re-striping should be a service that you schedule annually. The benefit is literally a result you can see.

Parking Lot Striping Company - Maintenance Contractor - Ace of Spray

Every fall we find ourselves speaking with commercial property managers and owners who are mulling over whether or not to get their outdoor parking lot restriped before winter. Understandably, they would like to defer the maintenance until the following year and use the allocated funds for a million other general repair projects they are contemplating. However, we try to remind them that while the striping of their shopping center, office building or warehouse does help with their overall curb appeal, more importantly, it helps with interior traffic controls and safety. Making your parking stall and directional markings visible, should be a top priority in order to mitigate the potential for accidents and reduced parking counts due to ‘poor’ parking habits.

A thin layer of snow will not prevent fresh, bright lines from being seen. Old and faded traffic marking paint can quickly disappear when covered by even the lightest of winter conditions, especially when mixed with dirt. A well-maintained outdoor parking lot or skydeck to a parking garage will at least give you and your clients a fighting chance to see where they’re supposed to go.

Ace of Spray: Professional Parking Lot Striping is a parking lot maintenance company that provides reliable and affordable services aimed at maximizing the benefits of your outdoor surface lots and parking garages. Our self-performing crews provide service both locally to the Greater Chicagoland area and nationally (minimums may apply). Call us today so we can learn about your project needs and how we can provide value to your parking lot striping and maintenance program.