lot line striping in parking garageProtecting the well-being of your employees and customers is an obvious priority. In addition to the comfort it provides people visiting your commercial property, it is a relatively low cost service directly aimed at reducing accidents and any subsequent liability. The clearer the traffic markings, the safer the environment for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Additionally, the overall aesthetic of fresh, new striping lines and directional symbols helps to improve the look of any parking garage, shopping center, office building or multi-family property.

When using commercial airless sprayers and premium parking lot striping paint coatings, a professional quality finish can be achieved relatively fast and without any major impact to your tenants and/or customers. The paint typically dries within 20-30 minutes, so parking areas are almost immediately available for use by the time our crews clean up and leave your location.

While you may need time to budget for large scale patching or resurfacing projects, parking lot striping is a service that should be schedule for recurring service each year. To learn more about how we can assist you, please call us today at 847-205-2401.