Chicago has undoubtedly been experiencing significant midrise and high-rise construction the past few years. Both commercial and residential developments occupy the corners of almost every neighborhood, from River North and Fulton Market to the South Loop and Logan Square. And even in the age of transit-oriented developments (TOD’s), parking garages are still an amenity within the majority of these buildings.

For the property manager or HOA that eventually oversees the maintenance of these newer assets, a new parking garage represents an opportunity to either set a proactive program in place from day one and address its upkeep or dismiss it until it becomes problematic at some point down the road. Experience has shown us that a long enough period of neglect will eventually lead to some conditions that cannot be fully restored. Returning to ‘like new’ condition is not always an available option due to a number of issues.

• Porous surface areas allowing for long standing stains to penetrate.
• Loose dirt/gravel being grinded with tires and compromising floor coatings.
• Loose dirt/gravel clogging floor drains if not removed prior to power washing.

clean parking garage spaceAce of Spray has several parking garage cleaning solutions to offer you based on budget, floor surface material and volume of traffic. We’ll assist you in identifying meaningful services and frequencies to maintain your standards. From power sweeping and power scrubbing to power washing and lot line striping, our team is ready to consult with you on getting the most value for your investment.

Since 2001, Ace of Spray has worked very closely with the country’s largest parking garage operators and managers. From office buildings and condos to stadiums and mixed-use developments, our team has the experience to provide you with the very best parking garage cleaning experience available. If you have a project and are in need of a quality service partner, call Ace of Spray today at 847-205-2401.