underground parking garage

Freshly painted parking garage lot lines

There is no putting a silver lining to it. The recent pandemic is hurting everyone and Ace of Spray is doing its part to reduce the spread and patiently await a well-planned and safe reopening of businesses. We’ve been fortunate to perform power washing and traffic markings services for customers that meet the essential services criteria, but our opportunities to work are limited by state restrictions and customer’s being temporarily closed.

As has been the case for our almost twenty years of being in business, customer inquiries and communications concerning needs always help show us where good opportunities exist. While we have been reluctant to conduct our traditional sales efforts in what is typically the beginning of ‘our season’, we have been fortunate to have many of our clients who oversee maintenance and operations of a parking garage facility reach out and request services in preparation for the reopening of businesses. They have identified the benefits of scheduling service now and eliminating the challenges of clearing vehicles from parking areas later. Projects that had required overnight efforts, could now be completed during regular business hours with fewer complications.

Since 2001, Ace of Spray: Professional Pressure Washing has partnered with the largest operators of parking garage facilities, commercial and residential property management firms and HOA’s to perform best in class services aimed at the safety, upkeep and aesthetics of their public and private parking garage areas. Our full suite of services include:

  • Power Floor Sweeping
  • Power Washing (hot or cold)
  • Power Scrubbing
  • Parking Lot Striping and Pavement Markings
  • Traffic Control Devices (bollards, wheel stops, signs)
  • Overhead Pipe Cleaning
  • Commercial Painting and Floor Coatings

If you’re still reviewing or planning a professional cleaning of your parking structure in 2020, consider taking advantage of your empty structure while it lasts. And we hope it doesn’t last long!!