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Scheduled deep cleaning services can help support your daily cleaning initiatives.

Most companies put a ‘basic’ daily commercial cleaning program in place to assist in the upkeep of their storage, manufacturing or other industrial properties. However, the focus of these efforts usually lags far behind the priority placed on other aspects of their business, such as offices and store locations. While the difference in value is easily understood, it does open the door to the natural build-up of dust and other debris often found in hard to see or inaccessible places. Before you know it, years of neglect can amount to an undesirable amount of unseen dirt throughout your facility. Since 2001, Ace of Spray: Professional Pressure Washing has been working with owners and managers of warehouse assets to resolve their deep cleaning needs.

You may have a program that provides for recurring floor sweeping and mopping, dusting and other standard janitorial services. While that’s helpful, that won’t account for the high-reach areas (structural support beams, light fixtures, interior walls, overhead doors, HVAC duct work, etc.) that need to be high dusted. In buildings with a large footprint, there is no solution to eliminate the existence of airborne dust other than recurring commercial high dusting services. Additionally, in facilities with heavy duty equipment and manufacturing, we also often find grease and grime. This requires further steps to degrease the surface areas and wipe clean. Ace of Spray is experienced in performing safe, effective and affordable high dusting services to address these issues and much more.

Ace of Spray also performs the following services aimed at improving or maintaining your warehouse locations.

  • Hot-water, mobile power washing of floors, columns, loading docks and walls.
  • Power floor sweeping and power floor scrubbing. Especially useful for warehouse facilities with inadequate floor drainage.
  • Window cleaning (interior and exterior).
  • Painting (interior and exterior).
  • Installation of industrial floor striping (& taping) for interior pedestrian/equipment traffic safety and general work flow management. Removal of existing markings available too.

If you have a property that is scheduled for a deep clean, the responsible, reliable and reputable team at Ace of Spray: Professional Pressure Washing is ready to review your property’s cleaning needs, assist in creating a value-oriented program and partner with you in executing this program in 2019!